Have you ever think of the most important person in an organization??
No please, I am not talking about the CEO, HR, Manager, or other top-level posts in an organizational hierarchy; instead, I am talking about the least noticed ‘Personal Assistant.’
Don’t be, as a PA is undoubtedly one of the most important people in any organization. Without a personal assistant (PA), the CEO or other managers are incomplete. It is the personal assistant who makes the CEOs look good and keeps them updated & organized. Undoubtedly, a day without a personal assistant is not possible for any boss.
We do headhunting also, and previously we worked for some multinationals and bluechip co. like Sakata inks, JCB, Dabur etc.
We do castings for ad films and short films.

We are dealing with selected categories :
1. Personnel assistant or Personal Secretary to MD/CEO/VICE PRESIDENT
2. Head Hunting.
3. Casting For Films

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